Virtual Care Clinic (VCC) for a Telemedicine Project in New Jersey, USA

Development Platform: Ruby on Rails, java, Apache Tomcat, Flex, MySQL, Red5, Asterisk, MyTeamWork (Alcatel-Lucent's OmniTouch 8.1.0b5386), NSClient++, Redis 2.0 server, Nagios Server, Node.js.

Virtual Care Clinic is a secure, web-based virtual exam room that:

  • Provides a single point of access for patients and the medical community
  • Is accessible from anywhere, using any device

VCC allows users to easily interact remotely with all those involved in a patient's medical case. The virtual exam room can be accessed from anywhere using any device. VCC improves the efficiency for scheduling, performing, and documenting the medical exam. It also enables customers to differentiate themselves in the Telemedicine market, increase their potential patient customer base by removing patient's physical distance as a hurdle and provide an opportunity to grow the customer's network of associated providers.

Interactive Website for a public television station in Florida, USA

Development Platform: Java, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery

The website provides pre-kindergarten teachers with the training and tools necessary to follow the Standards in teaching 4-year olds, so that every child is ready for Kindergarten based on the Department of Education's criteria. This web application also allows pre-kindergarten teachers to earn credits in order to get certified for teaching Kindergarten. Finally it also offers a good learning experience for parents and children

Mobile device-to-device communication and data gathering for a venture funded company based in New York, USA

Development Platform: Android, iOS, SqlLite, Java, MongoDB

Developed an Application for electronic devices like Mobile phones and Tablets. It allows these devices to communicate with each other and exchange the messages and device information without manual intervention using the available communication capability like Bluetooth, WiFi or peer-to-peer networking. It also uploads this data to a central server using the available internet (WiFi, 2G/3G/4G/LTE) connectivity. This service is expected to provide solutions to diverse areas like Criminal Investigations, Intelligence Gathering, Military Operations, Aviation, Transportation Logistics, Traffic Control, Civil Engineering and Media and Entertainment.

CSO Training Administration System for a pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, USA

Development Platform: ASP.NET, C#.Net, SQL Server

CSO Training Administrator Tool is a web based system, which helps the administrator user to manage various training courses for the employees/contractors based on their titles and departments in the organization. It also offers version control on the training courses which helps managing the training assignments to employee/contractors. The system is programmed to generate various reports like "Change Summary", "Department wise Roles and Trainings Matrix" etc. which help all the users gauge the current and past status of the program at any time.

SMS service for a client based in New Jersey, USA

Development Platform:ASP.NET, C#.Net, MySQL, Clickatell Gateway

SMS Tool is a web based system, which allows the Admin user to manage various workflows like survey, Election Poll, School/class info, and offers and discounts from various retailers. The users opt-in to this service and communicate via text messages. Also this tool allows Admin user to generate various reports.

Development and maintenance of an Interactive website with many features for a non-profit client based in Washington, DC, USA

Development Platform: ASP.NET, C#.Net, MSSQL Server 2005

The client organization is dedicated to protecting both children and animals. It provides national leadership in developing policies, legislation, curricula, and animal welfare training and certification programs. We have developed and implemented following projects for their scientific advisors, farm producers, producer's farm employees and farm auditor users

Scientific Advisory Site

The system allows users to post their comments on welfare standards and procedures and upload documents related to welfare standards. It also enables the administrator user to schedule scientific advisory meeting, upload meeting documents like meeting agenda and minutes of the meeting.

Sync Contacts

This is an MS-Outlook Add-on developed to synchronize the client's online sites' contacts with MS-Outlook. Sync Contact tool imports the contact from the transport, scientific advisory and farm audit sites and groups them together accordingly.

  • Humane transport site Contacts are grouped according to their Committees like Council, critical path, technical committee etc.
  • Scientific advisory site Contacts are grouped according to their Species like Beef, Broiler, Veal etc.
  • Farm Audit site Contacts are grouped together according to their Producer type like Beef, Layer, Veal etc.

Online Training System

This is a web based system that provides animal welfare training to farm employees, if they are not compliant with animal welfare standards. This system supports features like online training registration, online class and online examination.

Humane Transport

This web-based application allows administrator user to schedule humane transport council meeting, upload meeting documents like meeting agenda and minutes of the meeting. The system comprises of a humane transport forum where all council members allow sharing their comments.

Online Document Sharing

This is a web based system that allows farm producers and farm auditors to upload and download animal welfare documents. Typical users of this system are Farm Producers and Farm auditors.

Online Farm Audit System

The users of this system are farm producers and farm auditors. It allows the user to upload the offline captured data using the InfoPath forms and fill them online. It validates the data from producer users and auditor users and generates the audit score report for a farm. It also enables the user to generate reports like nonconformance report and action plan report. The reports are designed using Crystal Reports.