Pratyin is a multi-skilled IT solution & service provider with a highly competent workforce with strong global presence. With years of honed expertise in multiple sectored skills and quality improved methodologies, Pratyin adopts a competent global delivery model in providing value-based solutions as well as professional services to clients throughout globe. Through a decade, company has built a professional team with world class processes and capabilities that helps clients manage through rapid changes in technology. We work as a leading organization across globe in private, public & social sectors. Our scale, scope, & knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can.

We have deep functional & industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical reach. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients.

At Pratyin we have an interesting business model. We strongly believe that the way to client satisfaction passes through employee satisfaction. Only content employees who are comfortable in life can go to great lengths to satisfy others including the entity that is most important to our business - our client! As a result our employees are constantly developing products and service offerings to make it easier for our clients to conduct and expand their business. They use it in concert with other resources like time, money, intelligence, team work and plain old common sense to produce miracles that lead to client acclaim.