RPG, AS400 Capabilities

We have one of the youngest teams of RPG developers that can service any ERP or Supply Chain project by multitasking across disparate roles achieving a significant reduction in the total cost of implementation!

Here are the details:
  • Protect our client’s business from RPG (AS400) brain-drain: a 2011 survey titled “The Aging RPG Talent Pool” revealed that half of the staff working on the technical side of AS400 is over the age of 51. This means there will soon be a serious shortage of technical talent to manage mission-critical systems. Our median employee age is around 37 with a combined development experience of over 400 years!
  • End to End modernization and Cyber-security: Modernize current IBM i (AS400 or Power) system instead of migrating to a new system by using modern programming languages and SQL. Convert legacy RPG code to Free-form RPG for ease of maintenance. Convert legacy read/write into SQL to allow the application to take advantage of the features supported by IBM i within DB2. Advise clients regarding best of breed security software to stay compliant with SOX and PCI-DSS standards.
  • Application development and testing (RPG, RPGLE and Free-form RPG): Support mundane IBM i tasks thereby freeing up key client personnel to focus on mission-critical newer applications. Our consultants can quickly learn applications and implement changes using Legacy RPG (RPG3, RPG4), Free-form RPG, SQL RPG etc. We are equally adept at RDI and SEU for programming and can generate almost the same throughput with either. We can seamlessly convert business requirements into workable solutions using modern tools on IBM i (either AS400 or Power).
  • Web service Integration – Sharing data between IBM i and other applications: We use open source tools (HTTPAPI), SOAPUI and IBM i Web service wizard to build a complete IBM i based SOA layer for complex business rules. We can implement Change Data Capture to allow IBM i data to be shared with other DBMSs for reporting along with other traditional data-sharing approaches like FTP, Journal replication, MIMIX, webMethods etc.
  • Supply chain support on Modern IBM i (legacy AS400): Our team has the technical and functional understanding of standard ERP packages from Oracle, SAP, Infor etc. Our technical consultants are APICS and MITx supply chain certified and can understand supply chain systems coded in any form of RPG. Since they are also experienced Business Analysts and have a working knowledge of other best of breed systems for WMS, TMS, MES etc., they provide further cost savings to the client through headcount reduction.
  • Performance tuning: SQL based design is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and to appeal to the younger programming populace. However it brings along with it the critical need of real-time performance tuning. We use tools like SQL plan cache, Visual Explain, Index advise, Index usage, optimization goal etc. Our goal is split second execution of all the active programs.
  • Executive Dashboards: Convert raw AS400 data into decision-making Dashboards using BI tools like Tableau and statistical open source tools like R. Client executive management can stay ahead of their competition by using this real-time Dashboard analysis built upon machine learning and predictive algorithms.
  • Application support and enhancements: We have performed JDE WORLD upgrades across many versions (technical and Functional). We have also reworked applications with underlying operating system and user interface upgrades. For example, we have improved the e-commerce experience using Magento integrated with ERP solutions like JDE and legacy ERPs running on AS400.